thomson reuters fxt

Our Hermes Adaptor for Thomson Reuters FXT automatically converts and processes post trade conversational data into a format acceptable to many of the leading archiving vendors on the market.  

The solution retains the original message, logging the md5 checksum to ensure that there can be no doubt of mesage integrity, and that future tampering to any internally stored versions can be validated or detected.  Our adaptor has been developed in conjunction with Thomson Reuters to ensure that new customers of FXT do not fall foul of the regulators.

We are always happy to work with clients to ensure the solution can work with archives not currently supported. In fact we encourage it.  

As part of our FXT implementation, we can also convert your legacy, historical Dealing 3000 data.  We're glad to say that this service can be provided to our FXT clients as an adhoc add on.  Talk to us, we're ready to help.


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Our Hermes Adaptor is our flagship product; developed to help regulated firms fulfil their responsibilities by translating unstructured communications data into a form that can be accepted by many archiving systems, without compromising the original data.